Content Development


Our content focus has always centered around amateur / reality based themes. In Brandi Love’s case for example, we have left the high end, polished productions to the companies that excel in that area i.e. Brazzers, Reality Kings, Naughty America etc. For Brandi’s website and personal content needs however, we focus on shooting the real Brandi having real sex.

While her most recent web specific and Clips4Sale content is shot on the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III we still maintain the indie film / amateur reality of her content. The indie film feel extends to all of our internal content productions and sets our content apart. This focus provides fans with the best of both worlds. If they desire to see Brandi in highly stylized, fantasy scenarios they have the abilty to do so through the large “LA Productions”. And if they desire to see Brandi as a real life hotwife, swinger and MILF they can do so through the TrafficSoup content found on her website, Clips4Sale & Freeones.


All new video and photo content is shot on Canon 7D’s and Canon the EOS 5D Mark III. Audio is handled via the Zoom H4n and post production is performed on either Premiere Pro for Macintosh, Final Cut Express 4 and in some cases iMovie 11.

Custom Videos:

Although custom videos represent a fraction of the total content produced by TraffficSoup, it does represent an important content segment as it puts us in direct contact with the client and their personal desires. In 2012 we averaged 12 custom videos per month.

Clips4Sale Content:

Under the guidance of Brandi Love and Chris Michaels, TrafficSoup began shooting content specifically for the “Clips4Sale” business model and the new content store(s) at Freeones. Over the past year we have refined our process and now shoot content for this market segment each week. Our current niche markets include:

  • Handjob
  • Erotic Hotwife & Cuckold
  • Couples Seducing Teens
  • Gloryhole
  • Fur Fetish

Mainstream Marketing Content:

The lifeblood of our small business and quite honestly the reason we have weathered the storm(s) lies in our social media strategies and successes within the mainstream media. Marketing adult entertainment through mainstream channels can be challenging. Driving productive traffic from sources such as Youtube, Facebook, Myspace etc requires the development of specific content tailored to that viewing audience. Simply cutting our pre-existing adult video content did not work.

Weather it’s text, audio or video content, we spend a considerable amount of time each week developing media tailored to mainstream audiences.