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Flat Rate Ad Placement

Flat Rate Ad Placement represents the oldest and most basic online advertising methodology. Under this model you essentially rent advertising space at a fixed rate for a specified period of time. this method is most similar to traditional billboard or classified ads. Although this may not be the most widely utilized method of advertising online today it is the method that TrafficSoup employs when an client is interested in placing an ad on one of our sites. The reason for adopting this method is threefold. We want to minimize the risk to our clients. We want to minimize the risk of the company. We believe our fixed advertising rates are exceedingly fair given our targeted markets, quality of traffic and traffic volumes.

What You Get With TrafficSoup’s Flat Rate Ad Placement

Documented Successes: Since 1997 the owners of Traffic Soup have been developing targeted, user friendly, web properties acrosss numerous industries. Each property has achieved significant success in achieving desirable search engine rankings. At the present time, all traffic to our web properties is derrived through organic methods. We do not purchase our traffic. this means that your ads will be seen by highly targeted, keyword specific users.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach: The architecture for all TrafficSoup web prperties has been carefully planned. By paying special attention to every detail: design, functionality, content, body copy, meta data etc, we have created web properties that provide our users with a positive experience while maiximizing our advertisers exposure.

Best in Class Technology: Each Traffic Soup website has been developed on either WordPress, Ruby on Rails or an internal social networking platform. The choice of programming language depends on the purpose and complexity of the website. Solid code has allowed us to enjoy significant stability in our web properties further enhancing our users experience and value for our advertisers. Ads are handled through two integrated systems ( OpenX and MySimpleAds ).

Exceedingly Fair Advertising Rates: Our advertising rates range from as little as $50.00 per month to $2000.00 per month depending on a websites traffic volume, size of the advertisement, location of the advertisement and frequency of the placement. We do not hold our advertisers hostage or make it difficult to cancel a campaign. You decide the length of time an advertisement should run. We do not automatically rebill you for successive periods of time unless you specifically instruct us to do so.

How Are We Different:

Comprehensive: The Traffic Soup portfolio is the one of the most comprehensive portfolios on the web. From the niche’s we cover to the types of sites, at well over 500 domains, Traffic Soup covers it all.

Respected: No gimmicks or tricks. When visitors come to a Traffic Soup website they know they have come to a site dedicated to the the user experience. We are not interested in diverting our customers to unwanted locations or using blind tactics to generate clicks out. Thus our customers trust us and the products and sponsors we support.

Quality: We provide high quality articles, video, photos and information on every aspect of adult entertainment and alternative lifestyles .

Personality: Video sponsorships are handled by Brandi Love, one of the most well recognized and admired personalities in the swinging lifestyle. Infamous yet respected by both the adult and mainstream media, Brandi has appeared on:

▪ Howard Stern

▪ Penn & Tellers: Bullshit!

▪ The Tyra Banks Show

▪ The Dr Keith Ablow Show

▪ Published Author of “Getting Wild Sex”

Types of Advertising:

Video Sponsorship: Our Newest and Hottest Advertising Option. Through our Traffic Soup channel on YouTube as well as our viewership on Yahoo , Google , Revver, Myspace and more our videos have the ability to be seen by and viraled out to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Banner Advertising: Traffic Soup has integrated it’s own ad servers which can serve everything from video ads to flash based ads to static image based ads.

Text Link Advertising: Custom text based ads can be placed virtually anywhere on the Traffic Soup network of sites These have proved very effective when used correctly and when we avoid “blind links”.

Featured Article Advertising: Comprehensive and well written, featured articles are a terrific way to showcase your product, service or website.

Whatever your budget, and whatever your goals we can help tailor a campaign to bring greater exposure and more importantly, drive qualified traffic to your brand. To get started please fill out the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours. We look forward to working with you!

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