Brandi Love Announces Transition Toward Retirement

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From Brandi Love –  May 19, 2015

As 2014 drew to a close, I felt it was important to reflect on my experience in the last 365 days as well as in the industry overall. This reflection helped me take an emotional, professional, personal, and financial account & step more confidently into the new year. The result of this reflection? It’s time to enter into a new phase of my career and life. Lets just call it the “transition” period.

From 2004 until today, the goal has been to build a brand that the fans respect while continuing to stay true to myself. It began with my website and has evolved to include shooting for professional studios, live cam , feature dancing , authoring a book, mainstream television and more. While there have been high’s and low’s I have always known that this pace & phase couldn’t last forever.

On that note, the time has come for another transition in my career. As many know, I have been slowly but surely building two  “mainstream” business & they are at that tipping point where I need to dedicate a lot more time. That said, I’m profoundly grateful for my career in adult entertainment and for my fans, so during this transition period which will likely last through 2017, I’ll be focussing on three things:

a. My adult industry bucket list
b. Activities that focus on interaction directly with fans.
c. Projects that allow adult entertainers to truly have a career as well as a future.

To that end, in this transition period, my time will center on the following:

1. Nexxxt Level Entertainment 

Nexxxt Level Entertainment is a boutique talent agency that started in January. They are keeping their roster limited to entertainers who they believe can couple star power with staying power. Their focus is not just on booking scenes but on effectively managing a profitable career over many years & investing for retirement. While my future is secure, I applaud their commitment to this effort. I believe that every committed adult entertainer can manage a career and successfully retire. Selfishly, I also know that the founders of Nexxxt Level Entertainment can help me end my days of professional shoots with a few exclusive producers & projects .. i.e. “my bucket list”.

2. Dream Lover

Dream Lover was created by the founder of one of the world’s largest adult entertainment companies and represents what I believe to be the future of adult entertainment for performers & fans. It’s an intimate, premium experience that can’t be stolen. It also represents a service that entertainers can get involved in long after they have finished their days in front of the camera. I guarantee that people would love to have access to entertainers like Racquel Darrian , Christy Canyon, Victoria Paris etc. The best part about the concept behind Dream Lover is that it’s easily adaptable to whatever devices or applications are most popular in the moment. Although it’s in it’s infancy , I’ll bet Dream Lover ends up being enormously popular with both fans and entertainers.

3. Streamate & MyFreeCams

It may not be “PC” to call out services by name, but at this moment in time, for me, there are these two services and then a very distant third. Like Dream Lover, the live cam experience represents a value to the fan while being fair to the performer. It’s intimate, live, visual and cannot be faked or stolen. It puts me in direct contact with my fans from the comfort and safety of locations of my choosing. For me, the live cam experience is a blast. It’s fascinating to explore the fantasies of men & women. People would likely be amazed at the discussions that take place in my exclusives. And I say amazed rather than appalled for a reason. My fans are a fun, eclectic and infinitely interesting group of explorers!

4. My Website

In the latter half of 2014 I spent considerable time shooting exclusive, amateur content for my site. I’m in the process of adding all of this to the platform & fans will be happy to know there are new updates through December 2016! In addition to my own personal content, I will also be adding a large library of exclusive content from a few local couples here in NC.

So, as you can see this isn’t an announcement of retirement but rather one of transition. In these last couple of years, I really want to spend time engaged in activities that put me in direct communication with the fans!

5. Brazzers

I have had the extraordinary opportunity to work with exceptional companies in my career. One of the companies that has not only produced some of my hottest scenes but has also treated me with the highest levels of respect & professionalism is Brazzers. There are two men in the industry that work harder than anyone and Keiran Lee is one of them. More than a performer and producer, I consider Keiran and his beautiful bride friends. And earnest friends in this business are hard to come by. So when he heard that I was only going to shoot 12 more scenes other than those on my “bucket list” he & Brazzers asked if they could have all 12. What impressed me was that they didn’t just want to shoot 12 standard scenes, they actually called to discuss “how” I wanted these last 12 scenes to be portrayed. “How” did I want to be remembered in front of the camera. That really says a lot about our relationship as well as the company. While I’m not going to discuss the context of the scenes / films, I can tell you that they will be the most passionate of my career.

Brandi Love to Speak at East Carolina University

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GREENVILLE, NC—Adult star Brandi Love, who has just come off her most productive year earning multiple nominations, will be speaking to undergrad as well as graduate students in the East Carolina University Department of Sociology on March 19, 2013.

Love will talk about the relevancy of alternative relationships and her position that in many cases, traditional marriage simply doesn’t work.

“I salute the Department of Sociology at East Carolina University for having me back for the third time to discuss the relevancy of alternative relationships,” Love stated. “It shows respect for the position that loving relationships can exist outside the puritanical and monogamous confines we are often forced into. People can say what they like about my website, my chosen profession, et cetera, but it’s hard to argue with a happily married woman of 18 years when it comes to relationships.”

“Whether you are in a gay, lesbian, open marriage or otherwise, this discussion shows we are finally taking a step forward,” Love added.

Professor of Sociology Dr. David Knox said, “Brandi is an outstanding speaker, organized and engaging. She has spoken for two years to my human sexuality class on swinging/adult lifestyles and holds the room spellbound.”

For further information please email Chris Michaels or phone 919-749-0624.

Brandi Love can be contacted directly here, and followed on Twitter.

Brandi Love Talks Porn and Finance on Porn Hub Radio

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Brandi Love With Naughty America

Raleigh NC — Brandi Love will appear live on the Skype based radio program “Porn Hub Radio Live” on Tuesday, March 19th. The live broadcast as well as archived shows can be accessed here:

Porn hub radio is a call-in , Skype based radio program hosted by UK radio personality Fat Steve and sexpert Dr. Sunny V. The show provides an hour long look at sex, porn and everything in between.

I’m humbled to have such a loyal fan base at the “Brazzers” family of properties. The interest intensified exponentially when they found out out that I am the great granddaughter of Jesse L. Livermore. I guess there are a lot of Wall Street historians over there,” Brandi said. “I’m looking forward to discussing sex, porn and my family history with the fans as well as Fat Steve and Dr. Sunny V. I’t should be provocative!”

Brandi has been an active adult performer on her website since 2004 and has appeared on a number of mainstream shows such as Howard Stern, Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!, Tyra Banks and more. It has been her recent work with Naughty America, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Girlfriend Films and others however that have expanded her fan base and led to multiple nominations in 2013 including MILF performer of the year.

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Brandi Love Talks Sex and Sports on the Man Cave Podcast

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Brandi Love at

Brandi Love at

Raleigh, NC

Brandi Love Talks Sex & Sports On The Man Cave Podcast

In her latest mainstream media appearance, Brandi Love will join Jeff Schaeffer for The Man Cave Podcast on Monday, March 11th at 7:30 PM Eastern.

Started in 2011 the Man Cave Podcast focuses on “Everything the modern man could want.” This usually means topics surrounding sports, sex and the occasional action movie. Previous adult stars to appear on the podcast include Brett Rossi, Joanna Angel, Alexis Texas and more.

“I’m pretty active on Twitter which is how Jeff and I connected,” Brandi said. “I’m looking forward to chatting with him about two of my favorite topics, sports and sex!”

“This has been an unusually busy year for me. Between the awards shows and now, I have been involved with a number of radio and television shows on top of the traditional appearances,” Brandi said. “These are fantastic opportunities to connect directly with the fans on a personal level.”

The Man Cave Podcast can be accessed directly at:

For Brandi Love media inquiries, and booking please contact:

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Brandi Love Talks Music & Porn on Keep it Raw Radio

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Brandi Love at Naughty America

Brandi Love at Naughty America

Annapolis, MD

Brandi Love gets raw and uncensored in a spirited interview with Keep It Raw Entertainment’s own Cell Spitfire & Tre’ Da Kid.

Cell Spitfire & Tre’ Da Kid wasted no time in asking Brandi playful questions on topics such as how to pick up women and the evolution of hip hop music.

“For those who say Twitter is a waste of time, I say they just don’t know how to use it. Tre contacted me via Twitter last week and this whole event from the itinerary to promo was coordinated through that vehicle”.

“The interview was obviously fun but more than that, Cell Spitfire & Tre’ Da Kid were fantastic interviewers. They asked some really provocative questions regarding interracial dating, adult entertainment as well as today’s hip hop scene. Listeners may be surprised by my answers”, Mrs Love said.

Keep It Raw Radio bills itself as “Your Urban Street Informer”, giving you today’s local hip-hop, fashion and entertainment live from Annapolis, MD. Hosted by Keep It Raw Entertainment’s own Cell Spitfire & Tre’ Da Kid.

The uncensored interview can be heard in it’s entirety at

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Brandi Love Heads to Philadelphia’s Gold Club

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Brandi Love at

Brandi Love at

Brandi Love Heads to Philadelphia’s Gold Club for 8 Shows

Philadelphia, PA

Fresh off of three AVN nominations, Brandi Love is hitting the ground running or in this case dancing with a trip back East,  to The Gold Club in downtown Philadelphia. This marks Brandi’s first trip to the world famous Gold Club. Fans can expect high energy,  seductive performances over four nights featuring seven impressive costume changes.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to be heading to the Gold Club!”  Mrs Love said, adding “This is a special appearance for me as it was a specific fan request that lead to this engagement…I can’t wait to meet him!”

The Gold Club is located in downtown Philadelphia at 1416 Chancellor Street.  Love appears for two shows Wednesday, two shows Thursday, January 24, two on Friday, January 25, and finishing out with two on Saturday, January 26, 2013.  For showtimes or more information, click here, follow The Gold Club on Twitter or call 215-670-9999.

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Purre Play Media Loves Muscles and MILFs

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Brandi Love Naughty America

Brandi Love Naughty America

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Pure Play Media and Naughty America are pleased to release the newest installments for the tight, toned and super sexed-up popular lines, Naughty Athletics Vol. 7 and Housewife 1 on1 Vol. 14.

These volumes are packed with some of the most beautiful ladies of adult, including Courtney Cummz, Rachel Roxxx, Sarah Vandella, Tory Lane, Brandi Love, and Rachel Starr.

The Naughty Athletics edition is packed with firm and fit hotties sure to make you sweat, while Housewife 1 on 1 plays to the MILF lovers with a double dose of hot housewives sure to please.

“Naughty America does a fantastic job of creating series that cater to men’s real fantasies,” said Pure Play Media CEO, Richard Arnold. “These ever-popular lines newest installments are proof of that. Both are great selling series, with Housewife 1 on 1 filling both MILF and swingers genre specifics, and Naughty Athletics is a unique series, featuring very toned and athletic girls. Naughty America knows what works.”

Naughty Athletics Vol. 7 and Housewife 1 on1 Vol. 14 arrive Direct To Retail on August 17.

All sales and distribution inquiries can be directed to

Brandi Love Featured on Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

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Brandi Love on

Brandi Love on

Raleigh, NC – With the recent acceleration in obscenity cases and anti adult rhetoric Penn & Teller’s timing couldn’t be more relevant . Their 2008 season premiere, which airs on June 19th is appropriately titled: Penn & Teller: Bullshit! The War On Porn.

Prominently featured in the season premiere is Brandi Love, the outspoken personality of her increasingly popular site, Brandi and her husband will be rebutting claims from some of the country’s most conservative and well known anti porn advocates including the and the family research counsel.

“ This was one of the most entertaining and creative media pieces I have ever been involved with” stated Brandi. “ Our entire segment was shot on location and broadcast live over the network. This was a massive effort as Chris and I needed to handle our local sets, lighting, wardrobe and sound while the team at OneCams needed to maintain a live feed for over 6 hours.”

“The entire team at Penn & Teller have been amazing to work with and believe me, this will be a wild, entertaining and informative show” stated Brandi. “ Imagine needing to provide an intelligent answer to the question “ Does watching porn degrade women” while having sex live on cam. That will give you an idea where the show is headed!

Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! The War on Porn will air as the 2008 season premiere, Thursday June 19th at 10:00pm eastern time, on the Showtime Network.

Full coverage of this story can be found on the AVN website >

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Brandi Love Discusses Non Monogamy With Tyra Banks

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Brandi Love and husband Chris, along with Playboy Enterprises Inc. founder Hugh Hefner are slated to be featured guests on Tuesday, Nov. 29′s “Tyra Banks Show.”

“Is Monogamy Natural?” will feature Banks’ conversation with Hefner and his three girlfriends, along with a segment featuring Brandi and Chris, who have had an open relationship throughout their 12-year marriage. Their segment pairs them with a monogamous couple, but Brandi, says there were surprisingly few fireworks.

“[Banks] was a bit taken aback by our view, but couldn’t deny that it clearly works for us-and that was our point,” she says.

Brandi hopes the show helps dispel some myths about their lifestyle, but will be viewing the final edit of the program for the first time with everyone else on Tuesday.

“It was really fun, and I am just thrilled to get our view out there,” Brandi says. “It is always shown as a negative and destructive lifestyle. We are out to prove that theory wrong.”

Tuesday’s episode won’t be Banks’ first show with an adult-industry tinge. In October, Banks featured the performer formerly known as Tyra Banxxx. On the show Banxxx renounced porn only to return two days later using the name Alana.

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Brandi Love and Savanna Samson on Dr Keith Ablow Show

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Brandi Love With Naughty America

Brandi Love With Naughty America

Brandi Love, of, and Vivid contract performer Savannah Sampson will appear on Dr. Keith Ablow’s Warner Bros. television show today.

As the show’s Web page states, Ablow investigates the industry lifestyle, going “inside the minds of some of America’s most famous porn stars to find out why they chose this controversial and potentially dangerous profession.” The psychiatrist’s conversations touch on various aspects of the porn star experience. Whether he discusses fame or wealth, Ablow elaborates on the attractions that bring women into the field. Ideas are explored, such as if it is possible to balance a career in the industry with a marriage and traditional social values?

Love confronts stereotypes associated with being in the industry. “The Internet is the best thing that has ever happened to my marriage,” Love stated. Love said she and her husband are able to explore traditional sexual taboos on the Internet while making a living. However, the couple acknowledges that while the lifestyle they’ve chosen does not work for everyone, it works for their relationship.

The Dr. Keith Ablow Show is a syndicated daily television series that covers a host of societal and cultural topics.