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In keeping with Connection Distributing Co. v. Gonzalez, Case No. 1:95CV1993 (N.D. Oh. 2006), Traffic Soup, LLC is not the primary producer of, nor does it produce or upload the content associated with member profiles or user generated content. Traffic Soup LLC does reserve the right to deny or delete content from appearing on it’s websites if the content is or suspected to be illegal, offensive or intended to harm another person. Traffic Soup, LLC keeps only the member profile data allowed under Visa and other processing regulations and will make that data available if necessary.

The owners and operators of this website believe its content to be non-obscene erotic expression protected by the First Amendment. Furthermore, due to its very nature as social media, the owners and operators of this website believe that the work, taken as a whole, and in part provides serious literary, artistic, political and scientific value.

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“Jennifer” Pippy Presley Erin Wild Joni Starr
“Parrish” Joni Starr
Erin Wild Lindy Harper
Pippy Presley Mae Wyatt
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Michael Love

The Custodian of Records for content on this Website for which the owners and operators of this Website are the primary producer is:

Chad Bellville
General Counsel
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legal @ cyberskymedia.com

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Red Room Media
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M. Dickinson, Custodian of Records

625 Broadway Suite #700

San Diego, Ca 92101

Hotwife Rio | T. BLAZE
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Carson City, NV. 89701

EA Services, LLC
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Custodian of Records:
Stallion.com FCS Limited
12 Kingslyn Avenue

Kingston 1, Jamaica
Bernard Ross


David Bloom
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Various, Inc.
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Traffic Cash Gold
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Web Wizard, Inc.
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Cheryl Baldwin
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K Douglas
email: legal@wifeysworld.com

Naughty Allie | Naughty Julie
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Apex Technology Group, Inc.
Jake Chase
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Serious Bidness, Inc.
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Rude Management, Inc.
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